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Bruce Springsteen in Brazil

Number of concerts in this country3
First concert1988
Latest concert2013
Number of different cities2
Number of different venues3
Number of songs played in this country69
Number of different songs played in41
Number of users from this country14

Bruce Springsteen has played in the following cities:

CityNumber of concerts in this country
Rio de Janeiro1
So Paulo2

Bruce Springsteen has played at the following venues:

VenueCityNumber of concerts in this country
Espao das AmricasSo Paulo1
Estadio PalmeirasSo Paulo1
Rock in RioRio de Janeiro1

Bruce Springsteen has played the following concerts:

1988/10/12  Estadio Palmeiras  So Paulo  
2013/09/18  Espao das Amricas  So Paulo  
2013/09/21  Rock in Rio  Rio de Janeiro