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Bruce Springsteen in Finland

Number of concerts in this country8
First concert2003
Latest concert2013
Number of different cities3
Number of different venues3
Number of songs played in this country201
Number of different songs played in96
Number of users from this country83

Bruce Springsteen has played in the following cities:

CityNumber of concerts in this country

Bruce Springsteen has played at the following venues:

VenueCityNumber of concerts in this country
Olympia StadionHelsinki6
Ratinan StadionTampere1

Bruce Springsteen has played the following concerts:

2003/06/16  Olympia Stadion  Helsinki  
2003/06/17  Olympia Stadion  Helsinki  
2008/07/11  Olympia Stadion  Helsinki  
2009/06/02  Ratinan Stadion  Tampere  
2012/07/31  Olympia Stadion  Helsinki  
2012/07/31  Olympia Stadion  Helsinki  
2013/05/07  HK-areena  Turku  
2013/05/08  HK-areena  Turku  
2024/07/12 Olympia Stadion  Helsinki