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No Money Down

This song was 3 x played live .

This songs has been heard live by 7 users.

First time played on: 01/06/1974

Latest time played on: 05/11/1980


We blew into town, sat down in my room and turned on the television set
On came a fellow, name of Tex Irvin
And Tex wanted to sell me a car
So I shut off the TV and I laid down to get some sleep
But I had a dream
You see, I was motivated back in town
I saw a big cadillac sign that said no money down
I eased on the brakes, I pulled into the drive
I gunned my motor twice and then I walked inside
Tex said to me, he said "Boss, trade in that Ford
And I'm gonna put you in something that will eat up the road
Just step right over here and sign you name, right on that line
And I'll bring it right over to the old motel in just two hours time"
Well I said "Tex, I want a yellow convertible, four door DeVille
Continental spare and wire chrome wheels
I want air conditioning, and I want some automatic heat
And a full fold out bed in my back seat
I want a TV, a stereo, a eight track tape deck and a phone
So I can talk to my baby when I'm driving all alone