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Pony Boy

This song was 3 x played live .

This songs has been heard live by 149 users.

First time played on: 31/07/1992

Latest time played on: 27/04/1996


Bruce Springsteen Sings the Alphabet

Episode: Pony Boy


From the album:


Pony boy pony boy
Won't you be my pony boy
Giddy-up giddy-up giddy-up whoa
My pony boy

Ride with me ride with me
Won't you take a ride with me
Underneath the starry sky
My pony boy

O'er the hills and through the trees
We'll go ridin' you and me
Giddy-up giddy-up giddy-away
My pony boy

Down into the valley deep
'Neath the eaves we will sleep
Sky of dreams up above
My pony boy