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Western Stars (2019)

Album type: Studio album
Released: 14 June 2019
Length: 51
Number of songs: 13
Label(s): Columbia
Producer(s): Ron Aniello / Bruce Springsteen

Album details

 songlengthfirst timelatest timeplayedheard?
1Hitch Hikin'3:38---
2The Wayfarer4:18---
3Tucson Train3:31---
4Western Stars4:41---
5Sleepy Joe's Caf3:14---
6Drive Fast (The Stuntman)4:17---
7Chasin' Wild Horses5:03---
9Somewhere North of Nashville1:53---
11There Goes My Miracle4:05---
12Hello Sunshine3:56---
13Moonlight Motel4:19---


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