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Tiger Rose

This song was 2 x played live .

This songs has been heard live by 11 users.

First time played on: 18/10/2001

Latest time played on: 19/10/2001


Tiger Rose let me read some prose to you
Just as long as it shows my love any verse will do
Honey, I could make you happy if you'd only let me, heaven knows
My my Tiger Rose

I went to work this morning on the local commuter train (? locomotive train)
Stopped back early and I peeked through the window pane
There was a man eating from my refrigerator dressed up in my clothes
Why why Tiger Rose?

Called out your name and I kicked down the front door
I grabbed him by my robe and I wrestled him across the floor
I told you you weren't any better than all those other so and so's
Said he wasn't any different than a thousand other Joe Blows
Love disappears so quickly, when it goes it goes
Why why Tiger Rose?

Bye Bye Tiger Rose
So long Tiger, I'm out of here baby


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